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Donor Stories

  • W. Carl BurgerW. Carl Burger
    Werner Carl Burger, Professor Emeritus, retired from the Fine Arts Department at Kean University in 1993.

  • Jane Bodzioch '69, '83Jane Bodzioch '69, '83
    Jane is a dedicated volunteer who has distinguished herself by serving on the Board of the Kean University Alumni Association.

  • George H'10 and Dorothy H'10 HenningsGeorge H'10 and Dorothy H'10 Hennings
    After teaching for many years as Kean faculty, George and Dorothy retired. While they had saved enough money for retirement, they were concerned...

  • Penny, '72, '80 and John NorthPenny, '72, '80 and John North
    Penny is a retired school librarian. She returned to college as an adult to earn her BA and MA at Kean, so was well aware of the difficulties often faced during this time.

  • Susan G. Krecker '56
    Young students today enter college with the same hopes and dreams we had so many years ago. Yet often many are unable to reach those goals without financial help.


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