The Kean Medallion Society

The Kean Medallion Society recognizes and celebrates those who have generously provided for the future of Kean University through their estate plans.

Anonymous (6)
Dr. W. John Bauer
Dr. Jemal J. Beale '92, '95
Dr. Shawanda W. Beale
Jane M. Bodzioch '69, '83
Nancy Boucher
Dr. Patricia Brady '64
Stephen A. Dautel '74
Frances M. Ehman Bellak '52
Gene Enlow*
Shelley Enlow
Lynn M.K. Franklin '89
James Fraser
Dr. Gail Wasilewski Fraser '85
Ina Wasserman Giardina '63 '67
Richard Giardina
Patricia Graleski H'24
Mary Halajcsik '74,'92
Lowell Harwood H'07*
Toby Harwood
Dr. Dorothy G. Hennings H'10
Dr. George Hennings H'10*
Carmella Posella Hock '60
Walter T. Holmes '06
Carole Hynes
James Hynes '63 H'09
Thomas Kaercher '77
Dr. Arthur F. Kirk, Jr. '68, '73
Beverly A. Kirk '68
Susan Gallagher Krecker '56
Dr. Valerie Ann Leeds
Dr. Mark E. Lender
Dr. Stanley H. Lipson
Joyce A. Lipson '77
Ellen Garshgo McConnell '72
James McConnell
Cynthia S. Mendelson '90 MA
Samuel W. Mendelson*
Donald Miller
Kathryn Miller '71*
Dr. Daniel O'Day
Kevin J. O'Hare '86,'91
Penny Booth Page
Marjorie A. Perry '74
Elmer T. Ridley '95*
Florence Ridley
Janet Mastrangelo Scordinsky '94
John Scordinsky
Adrienne Siegel
Bernice Stern
Marvin Stern
Jeffrey H. Toney, Ph.D, FSX
Dr. Bernice R. VanSteyn-Weiss
Dr. Nathan Weiss H'89*


It is the policy of the Kean University Foundation to limit our public list to all living members and their deceased spouses, if applicable, who wish to be publicly recognized. Due to the large volume of estate gifts received over the University's history, the Kean University Foundation no longer lists all deceased members of the Medallion Society.

The Kean Medallion Society recognizes those individuals who have chosen to leave a legacy by including a charitable gift in their wills, trusts or estate plans to benefit the Kean University Foundation. You can also qualify by naming the Kean University Foundation as the beneficiary (or contingent beneficiary) on any of your life insurance, IRA and/or 401(k)/403(b) accounts, or through a charitable gift annuity, unitrust or life estate gift.

Members of the Kean Medallion Society are recognized in several ways:

  • Listed in Kean University Foundation's annual report;
  • Recognition at special events;
  • Featured in donor stories on the Foundation's website and in our quarterly planned giving e-newsletter.

All members of the Kean Medallion Society will also receive a special lapel pin indicating their membership.

If you have already included the Kean University Foundation in your estate plans, please let us know so we may express our gratitude. Announcing your gift can inspire others to give, but we will also respect your preferences for anonymity, if that is your wish.

Click here to download the Kean Medallion Society form.

Please email the form to [email protected] , or mail a copy to Lori Funicello, Director of Planned Giving at Kean University Foundation, 1000 Morris Avenue, Union, NJ 07083.